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Stereo Photo – Zygopetalum Orchid

Stereo photo - Zygopetalum orchid - Cross-eyed viewing method

This is a digital image of my Zygopetalum orchid. It was taken with a Fuji FinePix 2400 digital camera that was hand held. I bought this orchid at Norman’s Orchids (orchids.com) in Monclair, California, while on a holiday vacation with family in Southern California. It captivated me with the intense fragrance of its 2-1/2 wide flowers. Getting it home to the U.P. of Michigan in January was a little bit of a gamble. It spent each night with us in the motel room. In the morning, with increasingly frigid temperatures the further north we drove, it needed to be completely covered during the trip from the motel room to the preheated interior of the car. As of April it seems to have made it. In fact it is growing nicely. The weather here is a far cry from it’s native haunts in Venezuela. It is my only, but perhaps not my last, fragrant orchid.

Stereo photo - Zygopetalum orchid - Parallel viewing method